Who We Are


Here We Will Hope is about breaking the silence.
It’s about having those difficult conversations.
It’s about seeing that we are all broken and loving people where they are.
It’s about being vulnerable and recognizing vulnerability.
It’s about hope and the life that hope breathes into us.   It’s about power and finding the strength to fight through even just one more day.
It’s about community and recognizing that we were never meant to be alone.
It’s about taking the time to truly look people in the eyes and listen.
It’s about finding a purpose for the pain we experience.
It’s about breaking stereotypes.
It’s about boldness.
It’s about seeing chains crumble.
It’s about true freedom.
It’s about redemption.
It’s about me.
and It’s about you.

Will you join us?

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take THAT, depression.

[Who We Are]

Welcome! I'm so glad you found us. This started as a dream in the most painful of realities and like a dream it doesn't really fit into any boundaries and labels don't seem to stick for very long. The dream was a spark. A connection. A community. The dream was a refuge. An island of hope in a sea full of waves trying to drown you. A place to rest. This is a community of people, perfectly messy, broken and healing people, full of stories, hopes, dreams, experiences, insights and questions. This is for anyone who knows what depression looks, feels, and sounds like. This is for the warriors chosen to fight this battle and for those who love them. It's for you and it's for me. We all belong here. We all need help finding hope in the darkness. Here we will struggle and here we will hope. Together.

Keep breathing, friend.

Got something to say? We're here to listen!

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